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Table 3 Overview of the analytic process of the theme “Problematic issues related to TSG participation”, including codes, preliminary themes, and final themes

From: One size doesn’t fit all: a thematic analysis of interviews with people who have stopped participating in Narcotics Anonymous in Norway

CodesPreliminary themesFinal themes
Difficulty with strategy, e.g., meeting format, sharing, step working
Double trouble (e.g., trauma and psychiatric co-morbidity) and the need for something more than or different from NA
Perceived negative focus (e.g., powerlessness, defects of character, demands of honesty to show willingness)
Everything is hinged on addiction
NA presented as the only solution to addiction
Strategy doesn’t fit
Explanatory model doesn’t fit
The model doesn’t fit
Negative experiences with sponsor
Anonymity breaches
Conformity pressure
Criticism is not welcomed
Seasoned members not living as they “teach”
Not able to live up to success criteria
Relapse and negative emotions
Negative experiences in the social environment
Perception of being a second-rate member
Negative experiences spurred frustration
Natural course of disengagement
Continued participation has no additional benefits
Participation limits quality of life
Ambivalence about breaking out
Life ought to be more than NA
Perceptions of being “stuck”
The safe place can become a cage