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Table 2 Participants’ demographic data and relevant substance use and NA-related information (N = 10)

From: One size doesn’t fit all: a thematic analysis of interviews with people who have stopped participating in Narcotics Anonymous in Norway

PseudonymAgeGenderYears of problematic substance use before NAYears of regular NA attendanceYears in recovery after NAParticipations in support groups after NA?
Per46Male280.52.5User organization/other addiction-related support group
Ann52Female10418Other support group (not related to addiction)
Håkon54Male2032.5User organization/other addiction-related support group
Inge40Male7310User organization/other addiction-related support group
Oda53Female3065Other addiction-related support group/NGO
John56Male3273Other addiction-related support group/NGO
Arne53Male20117Occasional NA/AA attendance
  1. AA Alcoholics Anonymous, NA Narcotics Anonymous, NGO non-governmental organization (non-profit)