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Table 1 Main TMI program foci and example texts

From: A text message intervention for quitting cigarette smoking among young adults experiencing homelessness: study protocol for a pilot randomized controlled trial

Main program fociExample texts
Staying motivated“Write a message of encouragement to your future self and send it as a reply to this text. We’ll send it back to you as a surprise over the next few days”
“Say out loud ‘I’m a nonsmoker.’ It seems cheesy, but it can remind you of all the changes you’ve made and help you stay strong through the cravings”
Getting support from others“Hanging out with smokers can make quitting even harder. If you can’t avoid smokers for the first few days, tell them you’re quitting and ask for their support!”
“Check in with your friends and let them know how you’re doing with staying smoke-free. If you need support from them, ask for it!”
Dealing with cravings and negative moods“Don’t lose the progress you’ve made. Ride through cravings by chewing gum, walking it off, or taking 10 deep breaths. And text CRAVE for more support anytime.”
“If you’re feeling down, stressed, or anxious, check out this link for ideas of things you can do to boost your mood: [link to external website]”
Health and social benefits of quitting“Sniping discarded butts might be free tobacco—but it can also make you sick from germs on the ground or from the person who smoked it first. Not worth it.”
“Quitting can make you instantly more attractive—surveys show that most people prefer kissing someone who doesn’t smoke!”
Amount of money saved by quitting“Quitting smoking can save you some big $$! If you’re curious about how much you can save by quitting, check out this link: [link to external website]”
“Think about what you’ll do with all the money you save by not smoking… and what you might buy for yourself once you finish this program]”