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Table 1 Brief description of the 12 interviewed therapists

From: Sort of a nice distance: a qualitative study of the experiences of therapists working with internet-based treatment of problematic substance use

IPEducationGenderProgramCurrent worka
12Psychology, Ph.D.ManAlcoholInternet
13Social workWomanCannabisFace-to-face
14Behavioral scienceWomanAlcoholInternet and face-to-face
21Psychology, Ph.D.ManAlcoholResearch
23Social workWomanCannabisFace-to-face
31PsychologyManAlcohol, familyFace-to-face
32Social workWomanAlcoholInternet
33Psychology, Ph.D.WomanAlcoholResearch
35PsychologyWomanAlcohol, familyFace-to-face
  1. aThe kind of therapeutic work that the informant has worked with after being a therapist in respective study