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Table 2 Interview questions

From: “They didn’t give up on me”: a women’s transitions clinic from the perspective of re-entering women

Category Sample questions
Community health worker Do you feel [the CHW] tries to understand how you see your medical situation before suggesting any changes?
Do you feel that they care about you as a person?
What changes could [the CHW] make to better serve you?
Doctor How do you feel about the way [the doctor] talks with you about your medical treatment?
Do you feel that [the doctor] accepts you whether you follow her suggestions or not?
Do you feel you can be open and honest [with the doctor]?
Overall clinic How easy or difficult was it for you to receive transportation to the clinic?
At the clinic did you feel that you were treated in a respectful and in a professional manner?
To what extent did the WISH Transitions Clinic meet your needs overall?