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Table 1 Implementation strategies identified in published evaluations of care delivery and implementation interventions that have aimed to increase medication treatment for patients with alcohol use disorder

From: Strategies to increase implementation of pharmacotherapy for alcohol use disorders: a structured review of care delivery and implementation interventions

Strategy Saitz AHEAD CCM [32] Oslin
Alcohol Care Management [31]
SUMMIT [35,36,37,38]
Bradley CHOICE [33, 34] Robinson Group Manage [44] Harris
VA Academic Detailing Program [40]
ADaPT–PC [39, 42]
Medication Research Partnership [43]
PPRNet-TRIP [41]
Row total
Assess readiness and identify barriers/facilitators   O X X   X X X X 7
Distribute educational materials   X X X   X X X X 7
Facilitate relay of clinical data to providers X X X X   X X   X 7
Provide ongoing consultation O   X X   X X X O 7
Intervene with patients/consumers to enhance uptake and adherence O X O   X   X X   6
Conduct ongoing training   O X    X X X X 6
Create new clinical teams X X X X     X O 6
Identify and prepare champions   O X    X X X X 6
Provide local technical assistance O   O    X X X X 6
Conduct educational meetings    X X   X X X X 6
Develop and implement tools for quality monitoring X   X X   X X   X 6
Develop/organize quality monitoring systems X X X    X X    5
Conduct educational outreach visits    O    X X X X 5
Audit and provide feedback O O     X X   X 5
Develop educational materials   X X    X X   O 5
Organize clinician implementation team meetings O   X     X X X 5
Facilitation    O    X X X X 5
Obtain formal commitments    X    X X X X 5
Remind clinicians O   X    O X   X 5
Revise professional roles O   X   X    X O 5
Provide clinical supervision X X X X       4
Develop academic partnerships    X    X   O O 4
Promote adaptability O   X     X   X 4
Centralize technical assistance   O     X X   O 4
Conduct cyclical small tests of change    X    O   X O 4
Create a learning collaborative    X     X X O 4
Make training dynamic   X   X     O O 4
Purposely reexamine the implementation    O     O X X 4
Tailor strategies    X     X X X 4
Use an implementation advisor       X O O O 4
Use data warehousing techniques   O     X X   X 4
Conduct local needs assessment       X X X   3
Change record systems O   O       X 3
Promote network weaving    X      X O 3
Build a coalition        O X O 3
Conduct local consensus discussions    O      X O 3
Develop a formal implementation blueprint    X    X    X 3
Recruit, designate, and train for leadership        X O X 3
Access new funding O      X     2
Change service sites X   X        2
Increase demand   X      X    2
Involve executive boards    O    O     2
Involve patients/consumers and family members        X X   2
Prepare patients to be active participants O       X    2
Use advisory boards and workgroups    O    O     2
Use data experts       X   ?   2
Capture and share local knowledge         X X 2
Identify early adopters       O    O 2
Make billing easier         X O 2
Visit other sites       X    X 2
Alter incentive/allowance structures         X   1
Alter patient/consumer fees         X   1
Change physical structure and equipment O          1
Inform local opinion leaders       X     1
Mandate change      X      1
Model and simulate change X          1
Use train-the-trainer strategies        O    1
Fund and contract for the clinical innovation           0
Work with educational institutions           0
Develop resource sharing agreements           0
Change accreditation or membership requirements           0
Change liability laws           0
Create/change credentialing and/or licensure standards           0
Develop an implementation glossary           0
Develop disincentives           0
Obtain/use patient/consumer/family feedback           0
Place innovation on fee for service lists/formularies           0
Shadow other experts           0
Stage implementation scale up           0
Start a dissemination organization           0
Use capitated payments           0
Use mass media           0
Use other payment schemes           0