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Table 1 Conference sessions and speakers

From: Closing the gaps in opioid use disorder research, policy and practice: conference proceedings

Session theme Policymakers Researchers
Opening Plenary: Lessons Learned from Distinguished Careers Richard G. Frank, PhD
Harvard University
Joshua Sharfstein, MD
Johns Hopkins University
Dan Polsky, PhD (Moderator)
Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics
A. Thomas McLellan, PhD
Treatment Research Institute
Health Systems: Diagnosis and Treatment Jeffery Samet, MD (Moderator)
Boston University
Hillary Kunins, MD
New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
Colleen LaBelle, MSN, RN-BC
Boston University
Jack Stein, PhD
National Institute on Drug Abuse
Marcus Bachhuber, MD (Moderator)
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Kathy Bradley, MD
University of Washington
Adam Gordon, MD
University of Utah
Jennifer McNeely, MD
New York University
Opioid Prescribing: Striking a Balance Michael Ashburn, MD (Moderator)
University of Pennsylvania
Jean Bennett, PhD
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
Rachel Levine, MD
Pennsylvania Physician General
Rita Noonan, PhD
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Yuhua Bao, PhD (Moderator)
Weil Cornell, Moderator
Deborah Dowell, MD, MPH
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Dan Hartung, PharmD
Oregon State University
Stefan Kertesz, MD
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Treatment: Access, Coverage, Quality, Costs Gary Mendell, MBA (Moderator)
A. Thomas McLellan, PhD
Treatment Research Institute
John O’Brien, MS
Technical Assistance Collaborative
Brendan Saloner, PhD (Moderator)
Johns Hopkins University
Richard Frank, PhD
Harvard University
Tami Mark, PhD
Research Triangle Institute International
Harold Pollack, PhD
University of Chicago