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Table 4 Barriers to obtaining or adhering to ART

From: Seek, test, treat: substance-using women in the HIV treatment cascade in South Africa

Theme Specific itemsa N %
Missed appointments Missed staging appointment, did not attend wellness appointment 24 35.3
Structural factors Change in clinic, clinic not providing ART, lack of transportation, no identification card, no food, no place to store pills 23 33.8
Personal beliefs about ART and own readiness Fear of side effects, fear to commit to daily dose, no need for ART, not feeling “ready,” too much trouble to pick up 16 23.5
In the process of obtaining ART Pending CD4 results, need to schedule appointment, currently attending wellness appointment 10 14.7
Other medical issues and difficulties with dosage Only took when pregnant, getting tuberculosis treatment, need alcohol and other drug treatment first, did not follow dosage, kept missing dosage 7 10.3
Interpersonal influence Stigma, not disclosed HIV status, boyfriend 5 7.4
  1. aNot mutually exclusive