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Table 3 Overview of protocol measures

From: Technology-assisted intervention for parents of adolescents in residential substance use treatment: protocol of an open trial and pilot randomized trial

Construct Measurement/scale Data obtained
Feasibility Participation rates Percent of parents who participate in the study
Parent engagement Number of coaching sessions attended, online usage of PW and parent message board (i.e., logins, sessions completed, page views, time spent), number of texts viewed
Acceptability Withdrawal rates Percent of parents who withdraw from study
Exit interviews (open trial only) Open-ended questions on perceptions of in-person sessions, text messages, computer program, and online message board
CSQ Satisfaction with treatment delivery and ability to manage their adolescent’s problems
Adolescent substance use GAIN days of use Days of alcohol use, marijuana use, and other drug use
GAIN SFS Averages percent of past 90 days during which there was use of alcohol, marijuana, or heavy drugs; intoxication; and failure to perform activities due to use
Gain SUDS Assesses substance use disorder symptoms in line with both DSM-IV and DSM-V criteria
Biological markers Saliva alcohol screens (12 h window) and 8 panel urine drug screens testing for marijuana, MDMA, cocaine, amphetamines, methamphetamines, opiates, oxycodone, and benzodiazepines
Adolescent high-risk behavior GAIN risky sex Series of items about risky sexual behavior over the past 90 days including number of partner, number of sexual contacts, and number of times had unprotected sex
GAIN days legal Days of legal involvement over the past 90 days
GAIN days school Days of school attendance/truancy over past 90 days
Parenting PMQ Parental monitoring and sources of parental monitoring
PAC Assesses positive and negative aspects of general parent-teen communication
FAsTask video code In vivo problem solving tasks focused on: limit setting; substance use norms; monitoring and listening
  1. CSQ customer satisfaction questionnaire, GAIN global appraisal of individual needs, SFS substance frequency scale, SUDS substance use disorder scale, PMQ parental monitoring scale, PAC parent-adolescent communication scale