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Table 1 Qualitative themes about parenting interventions revealed in pilot data collection with 13 parents, 11 adolescents, and 3 residential staff

From: Technology-assisted intervention for parents of adolescents in residential substance use treatment: protocol of an open trial and pilot randomized trial

Theme Group Findings
Parent only sessions Parent Parents wanted more (and not fewer) “parent only” sessions
Parents wanted “parent only” sessions incorporated into existing visits/obligations when possible
Staff Residential staff described typical “parent only” sessions as focused on case management
Parenting skills Parent Parents were interested in learning new ways to manage their teen’s behavior
When asked to rate their interest in receiving a parenting skills intervention, all but one parent gave the highest possible rating (very interested)
Adolescents Adolescents thought their parents would benefit from skills in the areas of stress management, communication, and conflict reduction
Staff Residential staff felt that parents most needed help with monitoring and communication
Timing Parents Parents described a mismatch between when it was easiest to attend sessions (while the teen was in residential) and when sessions were typically offered (immediately post-discharge)
  Parents stated a preference for fewer in-person sessions post-discharge
  Staff Residential staff estimated that at least 2/3 of parents attended sessions while the teen was in treatment, but that fewer than 1/3 attended post-discharge sessions
Computer Parents Parents unanimously expressed comfort using computers or smartphones
Virtually all parents reported looking for information about their teen’s treatment via the internet
Multiple parents said they wished they could connect with an expert and other parents online
Delivery Parents Parents liked the idea of technology as an add-on but didn’t want to lose the “human element”
Parents rank ordered different delivery options for a parenting intervention: parents most preferred mixed (in-person + computer) support and least preferred computer only
Staff Residential staff had a strong preference for a mixed (in-person + computer) approach over computer only