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Table 1 Themes from resident interviews

From: Feasibility of a computer-assisted social network motivational interviewing intervention for substance use and HIV risk behaviors for housing first residents

Theme Participant quotes
Intervention was helpful in examining their social network I thought it was awesome
It was helpful to me also to stay motivated and stay positive
It showed me the connection that one must have in order to stay focused. You can be connected to an awesome network, people that’s moving forward…and also you can be connected to a network that’s dying. So it is a network whether it’s good or bad…it’s just which one you choose to be connected to
It helps you see who really around you is helping you, who is your support system, and how do you feel about your support system, and whether or not you’re going to change your daily behavior and/or interactions
Seeing the visualizations is more impactful than just talking about their network Well, actually I see my support system. Visually I can see it. It’s different between thinking it and all that, but seeing it lets me know that this is correct
It makes you see the pattern of your own life, and you visualize it, you know what I mean, it’s not just in your mind
With a case manager you set goals, but this is better. It shows... your activities. You know, I can see who’s bad for me and who’s not bad for me
Seeing it is different than just somebody telling you or talking about it. Seeing it makes it easier to understand
Intervention prompted thoughts about changing their AOD use and HIV risk networks I need to not be up in their face, I need them not to be up in mine, because if I could stop smoking cocaine, I know I could slow down on my drinking. But it’s the environment that I be around, the environment that I be around, the people that be in my circle, and I be in their circle, I need to change that
So as far as not drinking, I haven’t been going to see my friends who drink. And I’ve been meeting new friends, and hoping, you know, like non-drinking, and if I go for information, I call individuals that are in AA. I’m getting closer to that also
If I surround myself with people that have my old mentality, it’s just going to keep me trapped in my same situation bringing me no type of change. So if I expand my surroundings, expand the people that I deal with, and cut out people that I know that I shouldn’t be dealing with, or that aren’t really beneficial to me