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Table 3 Components of 3-part brief intervention for hospitalized hazardous drinkers

From: Alcohol brief intervention for hospitalized veterans with hazardous drinking: protocol for a 3-arm randomized controlled efficacy trial

Part I: Core brief intervention (~15 minutes) [28,34,38,39]
Expression of concern about the patient’s level of alcohol consumption
Personalized feedback linking alcohol use and health
Linkage of alcohol to admitting diagnosis, if applicable
Advice to abstain/reduce alcohol consumption to below NIAAA limits
Assessment of motivation/readiness to change drinking behavior
Support for choosing an alcohol consumption goal
Strategies/encouragement for reaching alcohol consumption goal (change plan)
Potential referral to specialty care or additional support
Part II: In-hospital follow-up session (12–24 hours after core brief intervention, ~15 minutes)
Basic reinforcement of core brief intervention
Re-assessment and support of motivation and review of change plan (if applicable)
Discussion of challenges/barriers to change
Consideration of additional strategies for change plan
Support and encouragement for reaching goal
Part III: Telephone follow-up session (2 weeks post-initial brief intervention, ~15 minutes)
Same as part II