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Table 2 Study assessments by study arm and timepoint

From: Alcohol brief intervention for hospitalized veterans with hazardous drinking: protocol for a 3-arm randomized controlled efficacy trial

  Arm 1 brief intervention (BI) Arm 2 attention control (AC) Arm 3 attention control, limited assessment (AC-LA)
Timepoint Timepoint Timepoint
Variable Instrument ES PC B FU ES PC B FU ES PC B FU
Cognitive status Short Blessed Test X     X     X    
Alcohol screening status AUDIT-C X    X X    X X    X
Drinks per week and Binge episodes last 30 days 3 NIAAA questions X    X X    X X    X
Alcohol dependence Modified CIDI-SAM X     X     X    
Sociodemographic/ clinical data Sociodemographic form   X   X   X   X   X   X
Readiness to change drinking behavior and adverse consequences of alcohol use Single items from SOCRATES and SIP-2R           X   
Readiness to change drinking behavior SOCRATES    X X    X X     X
Adverse consequences of alcohol use SIP-2R    X X    X X     X
Participant responsiveness (patient opinions about the intervention) 4-item investigator developed instrument    X          
  1. Note: AUDIT-C = Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test, Consumption; NIAAA = National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism; SOCRATES = Stages of Change Readiness and Treatment Eagerness Scale; SIP-2R = Short Inventory of Problems; Timepoints – ES = Eligibility Screening (10–25 minutes); PC = Post Consent (5 minutes); B = Baseline (10 minutes); FU = Follow-up at 6 months (30–45 minutes).