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Table 5 Research staff experiences with CASI (n = 5) based on experiences with full sample (n=517)

From: Feasibility of a computer-assisted alcohol SBIRT program in an urban emergency department: patient and research staff perspectives

Feasibility Measures n (% endorsed)
Percentage of time research assistant (RA) rated they provided “very little” or “no” assistance to patients completing CASI 474 (92)
Percentage of time RA rated they felt the patient was bothered “very little” or “not at all” by using CASI 497 (97)
Patients who required RA to clarify meaning of CASI content 3 (<1)
Number of times CASI administration was interrupted by clinical care 4 (1)
Number of times staff needed to troubleshoot computer issues (e.g., printer problems) 6 (1)
Loss of Internet connection 21 (4)