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Table 2 Patient feasibility and acceptance ratings of CASI

From: Feasibility of a computer-assisted alcohol SBIRT program in an urban emergency department: patient and research staff perspectives

Feasibility Measures* n (% endorsed)
Reported the program content was respectful of them 500 (97)
Reported the program was easy to use 483 (93)
Felt others would be helped by this program 479 (93)
Felt comfortable using computer to receive this education 478 (93)
Liked using the computer program 460 (89)
Found information useful to them 430 (83)
Would be willing to participate in future computer-based study during an emergency-department visit 409 (79)
Information learned got them thinking about their alcohol use 259 (50)
Learned something they would not have asked their doctor about 232 (45)
Reported some likelihood to change their alcohol use because of their study participation 198 (39)
Reported some intention to consult a health care professional about their alcohol use because of their study participation 144 (28)
  1. *Data for 499 of 517 patients were available for analysis due to missing data. Totals represent dichotomous yes/no patient responses.