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Table 3 A Priori Domains and Selected Quotes from Interviews with Nine Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF)/Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) Veterans

From: Feedback from recently returned veterans on an anonymous web-based brief alcohol intervention

A priori domains Quotes
The e-SBI program was considered short and succinct “I mean, it’s good ‘cause it’s not too long, and it’s not too short… it has good information and is something, you know, a soldier or anybody can, could, actually take.” (Veteran C)
“It was short, simple, to the point, which is always easiest with military people - very impatient, just get to the point.” (Veteran G)
The standard drinks image was considered helpful “When I saw these pictures on the side with the equal amounts of drinks to a bottle or a pint, it was kind of interesting ‘cause I didn’t really know that… made me think of, actually, how much I really drink.” (Veteran C)
“That is actually very informative ‘cause a lot of people don’t know exactly, I think, how much one drink is. Depending on what bar you go to or how many you drink at home, people can distinguish one drink as an entire glass of whiskey or… as a 24-ounce can of beer.” (Veteran E)
Participants appreciated feedback on estimated alcohol calories consumed and hours of exercise “I was appalled at how much calories I had consumed…it was just like ‘Oh, geez.’” (Veteran G)
“It was cool. I was like ‘Whoa, it shows, like, how much…food and stuff, like, it could be equaled out to’…I’d rather have a cheeseburger, obviously.” (Veteran I)
Feedback on estimated money spent on alcohol in the past year was also appreciated “I said ‘Thank goodness I don’t go to the bar.’ But, wow…mine was, like, $700. I said ‘I could have bought a TV or something.’ You know…you could buy a used car… I liked that…I wouldn’t change that. That’s good.” (Veteran D)
“That’s a lot of money…right now I’m unemployed so it’s like do I really need to be drinking that much?” (Veteran G)
“It’s like ‘Dang. I don’t want to spend that much on that, that stuff.’ You know? Like, I could be spending that on other things that, you know, I won’t be getting a headache in the morning.” (Veteran I)
Feedback on the highest blood alcohol content and legal driving limit was obvious, but some noted it was worth keeping “When I drank that much I was drunk, I remember. That’s pretty obvious too, I’d have to say. I didn’t plan on driving ‘cause I knew I was drunk…I think that was a good one.” (Veteran F)
“The point is well taken. But, I knew that anyway. Not saying that it shouldn’t be in here. I’m just saying that ‘Well, yeah, I had 12 drinks in four hours. Of course I was trashed.’…And is it illegal to drive? Bet your butt it’s illegal to drive…I think it’s good to be in there.” (Veteran H)
The anonymity of the eSBI website was noted as a benefit “I think if it was private and the information was solely provided to the individual…you might have a better impact on that individual…for them to be more open and truthful about themselves.” (Veteran D)
  “I think on NKO [Navy Knowledge Online]…if they had asked me specific things like that and it would have gone in electronic record, I would have definitely not answered honestly….so, knowing that it’s anonymous helps people answer honestly, and knowing that it’s not going to go basically bite them in the ass at some point” (Veteran G)