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Table 1 Features of THRIVE and corresponding adaptations for DrinkCheck

From: Feedback from recently returned veterans on an anonymous web-based brief alcohol intervention

Features/Content THRIVE DrinkCheck
Length/design Brief single-session; 1 intro, 7 assessment, 1 feedback, and 3 optional resources web pages Brief single-session; 1 intro, 5 assessment, 5 feedback, and 1 optional resource web-page; civilian & military photos
Standard drinks image Number of drinks in an alcoholic beverage by type and packaging Equivalent of 1 standard US drink by type
Patient characteristics Age, gender, weight, height Age, gender, weight
Drinking in past year 10-item AUDIT 3-item AUDIT-C plus question regarding typical choice of alcoholic beverages
Drinking in last 4 weeks Largest number of drinks consumed on one occasion and duration of episode Unchanged
Additional alcohol-related questions Questions regarding other students drinking and alcohol labeling Replaced with frequency of alcohol-related health and relationship concerns in past four weeks
Tobacco use Assessment of current use Removed for simplification and brevity
Alcohol-risk category ‘Non-hazardous,’ ‘hazardous,’ ‘harmful,’ and ‘dependent’ drinking based on AUDIT score ‘Low-risk,’ ‘risky,’ ‘high-risk’ and ‘very high-risk’ drinking based on AUDIT-C score and reported consumption above NIAAA recommended limits*
Normative feedback (age- & gender-based) Above recommended limits drinking compared to Australian college students (typical drinks/occasion and typical drinks/week) Participant heavy episodic drinking** compared to AUDIT-C responses from age- and gender-matched VA outpatients† (maximum drinks per one occasion and % of patients drinking less)
Health and relationship concerns Not part of feedback Primary concerns in past 4 weeks reported as part of brief alcohol-related health feedback
Alcohol calories Not part of feedback Weekly calories along with the equivalent in cheeseburgers and hours of exercise
Blood alcohol concentration Reported for highest drinking occasion in past 4 weeks along with likelihood of vehicular death Reported for highest drinking occasion in past 4 weeks along with legal driving limit; adapted to US measures
Money spent on alcohol Estimated for past year Estimated for past year; adapted to US measures
Resources (non-personalized) Three optional pages for alcohol-related ‘Facts’, ‘Tips’ and ‘Support’ One page of VA and non-VA alcohol- and treatment-related resources, including links to NIAAA’s “Rethinking Drinking”
  1. *National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) recommended drinking limits: ≤14 drinks per week and <5drinks per occasion for men; ≤7 drinks per week & <4 drinks per occasion for women.
  2. **Participant heavy episodic drinking (≥5 drinks per occasion for men, ≥4 drinks per occasion for women) was based on AUDIT-C responses and drinking in the last 4 weeks.
  3. From mailed VA outpatient surveys between 2004–2007.